Mixed reactions trail Nigeria @59 in Lagos

…as experts chides Political wolves in sheep’s clothing
By Daniel Henry-Lagos
AS Nigeria marks her 59th political independence anniversary yesterday from the great Britain, so many reactions has continued to trail the nation from different parts of the world. To many, it has so unfortunate for the country while to some, it worth celebrating, howbeit; the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Nigeria history since independence remains indelible from the consciousness of Nigerians living in the country and diaspora.

Of course the economic prosperity or otherwise of any country is determined by the quality of the people in that country. Nigeria is not an exception when calculating the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Per capita income, the workforce, standard of living among others factors which shows the well-being and welfare of the citizens.
At an interactive session put together by the Covenant Christian Centre-The Platform, in Iganmu, Lagos, the erstwhile CBN governor, Chukwuma Soludo, warned that the foundation of the existing socio-economic system and structure of Nigeria is not strong enough to carry the socioe-conomic structure and systems Nigeria yearns for.

The professor who spoke on “Economic Restructuring of Nigeria, Strategy for the Future”, said its practically impossible for the federal government to think it can build the desired economic, social and political systems and structures Nigerians wail for on the old foundation which has been a total flop.
Soludo stressed that for Nigeria to meet up with the economic need of the forecast 40 million population in the next 30 years or 752 million Nigerians in the next 80 years, its leaders must act now and now because the time is near when the rich will no longer sleep because the poor angry citizens are awake.

The Economist hankered for an overhaul of all the institutions in Nigeria for there to be a meaningful change in the country saying that, it’s high time Nigeria went back to true federalism she we must survive the post oil economy. He maintained that it would be so devastating if Nigeria do not prepare for a world without oil, adding that no one can clap with one hand.

He said “Nigeria is on a red alert and the world is not waiting for us, it’s high time we took advantage of our human capital resources of our young people, as you can see, we have the best brains in the world, but our environment is dehydrating and suffocating.
“Abuja is holding everyone on ransom, we must change this federal system of monthly sharing and consumption of resources without meaningful impact to show for it. Nigeria is too heavy for one person to decide the fate of 36 states, FCT and 774 LGAs. If we don’t revive the economic resources as it was decades ago, our children unborn would rise against us talk more of our children we live with now”.
He pointed out that; Nigerian constitution is deceptive and duplicitous, and need a redesign for the prosperity of all the people. The country also needs institutional reforms, social and legal framework, devolving the central power from power sector, Ports, police, aviation, railways, among others.
He decried the deliberate incursion of some persons into the judicial arm of government which has encumbered the justice system and dashed the hope of the common man in judiciary. He called for the fixing of electoral act and making politics less attractive.
“Our politics today is a dinning table chop I chop, come and eat, and cake sharing practices. This should stop, and we give equal opportunity to every child especially in education where everyone counts like they do in America which we emulate, we must stop the old narrative and sing a new song where the people would respond in affirmation, else we are headed for doom” he asseverated. 
Also speaking, the former vice presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi tasks the federal government on prudent administration and management of resources in the country.
Obi bemoaned the high cost of governance by state and federal government saying that such has plunged the country into economic dungeon. He added that the resources wasted in frivolous and mundane things would be better invested in the new oil of Nigeria which he described as the knowledge of the young people.
“Most Nigerian politicians are wasters, yet the same government borrow humongous amount of money to do what would not give us returns as a country, besides, this administration must know that investors are more interested in what we do and not we say, thus; we must concentrate on security of life and property as the foremost responsibility of every government and address of issue of underemployment and unemployment and so many other challenges stirring at us.
“We have the resources to fix our problems but those on whose shoulders rest the onus to see that the right actions and directives are taken and given have deliberately chosen to look the other way, we are waking them up now from slumber, and if nothing is done now, sooner, we shall all Perish by our refusal to do the rightful and needful” he vociferated.

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