Sex for Marks: Joint where UNILAG lecturers harass female students uncovered, as Management suspend lecturer

By Folashede Bukola/Kparobo Ehvwubare-Lagos

Before now, education in Nigeria was the yardstick for measuring commonwealth, that was the period where education in Nigeria was at par with the British educational system.

That was also the period students of Nigeria citadel of learning march their contemporary in Overseas. But what went wrong? How does Nigeria educational plunge deeply into the abyss of decline?

Well some the answers to above questions finds expression to the roles played by both lecturers and students of Nigeria higher citadel of learning.

Following the recent sex for mark menace that has crimp into Nigeria institution, where lecturers of University was alleged to be harassing female students of the institution in Staff club popularly called “Cold room” in the school was been used for lecturers to commit their amoral act, abusing the hall originally built for seminars, workshops among others.

It was reported recently that some lecturers in the institution allegedly sleep with female students inside the institution staff club hall during broad day light either for marks or for new students seeking admission into the hitherto center of excellence.

According to reports, lecturers always want female students that perform poorly in their Courses to see them in the said Coldroom where they were harass to get marks.

In a bid to curtain the sex for mark been perpetuated by randy lecturers in the University of Lagos, The University management has announced the shut down of the ‘Cold Room’, where lecturers allegedly harass students sexually.

The institution decision was disclosed by Taiwo Oloyede, the Principal Assistant Registrar (Communication Unit) of the university.

The ‘Cold Room’ was mentioned by a suspended lecturer of the school, Mr. Boniface Igbeneghu, who was caught on video sexually harassing an undercover journalist who posed as an admission seeker.

Mr Igbeneghu, in the BBC undercover documentary, described the secret place where lecturers meet to “touch students breast” at the staff club of the university.

“They call the place cold room,” he said. He then explained that female students must pay to have good grades.

“The so-called ‘Cold Room’ is a Functions Room that may have been abused because this is a deviation from the purpose for which it was created (meetings, seminars, events, etc)” the university spokesperson said.

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